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Brought to you by 2 girls sent off to a mature-healing camp, The StarBender band is made up of Kim Shelter, lead vocalist and feature guitarist; Katie Herron is known as the drummer; Aaronoius Monk, bassist, and finally, Chris Tojaki, the lead guitarist.


The band recently released their album, Heavy Petting. “Julian” is their follow up track which has been receiving massive love from fans. The band has been featured by Galore, Consequence of Sound, EARMILK, Indie Mag, Bullett, PopMatters, Vinyl District, The Atlanta Creative Loafing, CMJ and Guitar Player Magazine, and many more! This pop/rock band has been described as an Iggy Pop, Debbie harry mixture. Their incredible blend of rock and power mixed with catchy pop melodies is both uniquely crafted and hooky!

The forming of StarBenders

The genuine and authentic route this band took in formatting is pretty incredible. Shelter was arrested at least six times before she turned 15. That’s got to be a record of some sort. He mom in fear for Shelter’s future, sent her to a nature-healing camp out in the middle of nowhere. Shelter may have hated her mom in that moment, but today she owes her a million thanks because that’s where she connected with Katie Herron, current drummer for the band. The two swore they would one day form a Rock&Roll band together, but between miles and separate lives, they lost touch. Each did their own thing until they reconnected in 2013, forming StarBenders. Guitarist, Aaronouis Monk was discovered outside of a dive bar in Atlanta. He was smoking a cigarette on the curbside, and when Shelter sat down to chat, they immediately hit it off. They’ve been friends ever since. Finally, the bassist was discovered while jamming out in a local rehearsal space. Shelter was automatically drawn to Chris’s contagious vibe, and it was then the 19 year old became the baby of the group. Every member of the band has a story; a struggle.  It’s through their unique and individual stories that they are able to reflect and connect on a level that allows them to express those stories through music. Institution Records released StarBenders first full-length album, Heavy Petting very recently.

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