Whispertown Is Loud About Why They “Can’t Stop Cryin”

Morgan Nagler by Heather Porcaro

Whispertown Is Loud About Why They “Can’t Stop Cryin”

Whispertown has released a new music video for their song, “Can’t Stop Crying,” directed by Morgan’s Brother. The Los Angeles, Californian band has come back with deep emotions and new feeling. “Can’t Stop Cryin” comes from their most recent album I’m A Man.

Formally known as The Whispertown 2000, the band has taken a different approach to accompany the shortened name. Morgan Nagler, lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist for Whispertown, has returned and completely delivered. The album showcases the less structured and deeper meaning to the new Whispertown.

And “Can’t Stop Cryin” is just a prime example. Nagler intended for I’m A Man to be an open book to her emotions. “In this video we start to blend all the emotions into one beautiful truth.” She commented, “And I think it ends up lightening the mood.”

The album, produced by Jake Bellows, was released on September 1st under Graveface Records. This is Morgan Nagler’s 3rd full-length album release following up the diagnosed polyp on her vocal chord. Nagler returns after the scare of never being able to sing again and surely shows these emotions throughout I’m A Man with its raw, acoustic sound.

Morgan Nagler is back and not stopping! With her band, she is traveling around the world, playing music and co-writing songs for music groups like HAIM and Dave Rawlings Machine.

Since the album debut, the band has been on tour to follow up their rebranding. Several well-known indie artists like Rilo Kiley, She & Him, and The Breeders have featured Whispertown on their tour. Currently, Whispertown has been performing with M. Ward.

Check out the video for “Can’t Stop Cryin” and support the rest of I’m A Man on Bandcamp.com!

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