TRISTN Releases Stripped-down, Acoustic Music Video

“TRISTN” By Meijin at EIPR

TRISTN Has More to Say about ‘Nothing to Say (Nothin’)

New York based punk-rock princess, TRISTN, released an acoustic video of her fan-favorite song, “Nothing to Say (Nothin’),” from her new album, January. The new version of the song offers an eclectic twist to the original anthem. The raw percussion and soft hum of the acoustic guitar reflect the enveloping warmth brought forth with the change of seasons. The most brilliant part of the video is the smooth clarity of TRISTN’s vocals as she sings the lyrics with an amorous glow. Her passion is not only perceived, but elevated when we see her natural movement to the beat of her music.

The solo singer/songwriter describes the song in saying, “We all thought it’s such a funny song to sing at gatherings around bonfire parties. We started playing Nothing to Say with an acoustic guitar in LA and ended up with a wittier style to convey the message. Our fans have been requesting the acoustic version of this song so we decided to make a fun video of our acoustic version of it.”

Who is TRISTN?

TRISTN previously worked with big-time producers such as Tom Coyne (Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Adele), Ted Jensen (Norah Jones, Muse, Green Day), Christian Wright (Abbey Road Studios UK), and Steve Kupillas (Oak and Ash, Brand New) on several songs for her album. These include, “Nothing to Say (Nothin’)” and “Now You Know.” The inspiration for January comes from true events within TRISTN’s life. This gives her minimal yet impactful lyrics an authentic edge. A few of TRISTN’s musical influences include; Coldplay, Yellowcard, and Skylar Gray.

The original version of “Nothing to Say (Nothin’)” is an exhilarating mix of modern, classic pop-rock melodies. TRISTN’s unique sound has elements of early 2000’s female punk artists like Avril Lavigne. This is blended with current pop artists like Taylor Swift. Her charismatic charm makes her perfect for performance. You can’t help, but find her up-beat rhythms contagious. Before you know it, you will find yourself jumping to the music. The full album, January, offers a kind of nostalgia to the former female punk-rockers; making you want to break out that old stick of eye-liner, put it on, and feel like you can be anything again.

Watch and Learn

Watch TRISTN’s new acoustic video for “Nothing to Say (Nothin’)” down below. Be sure to check out the full album, January, available now on Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud. Visit TRISTN’s website, Facebook, and Twitter to learn more about this punk-rock prodigy!

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