Marmoset Set To Release LP


Marmoset releasing new LP, Transference

On December 1st, 2017, Marmoset, a record label hailing from Portland, OR, is set to release a 10 track LP entitled Transference. The album will feature re-imaginings of songs which are over 100 years old and in the public domain. Each new interpretation will be done by a different artist on the label and the vibes of each tune vary.

Marmoset recently released Ural Thomas and the Pain’s (UTP) version of “Hot Time in the Old Town,” which was originally released in the 1800s. While the song has been performed by several artists throughout the years, UTP puts their own unique spin on it. They drench the tune in enough soul to get the stiffest wallflower up and dancing.

“We took it down into a Memphis groove,” says Ural Thomas, “(we) sort of approached it like a Muscle Shoals sorta thing, strong beat, groovy bass, added horns and stuff.” UTP’s label mates, The Helio Sequence, chose a different direction for their interpretation. They made an uplifting folk song out of the jazzy tune “Down Among The Sheltering Pines,” which is sure to inspire an “ah-hah” response from listeners when they hear the skeleton of the new version within the old. The variance between the two songs which will appear on the album is set to be the collections nature.

“Every collaboration was approached as its own independent endeavor,” a Marmoset representative explains, “Sheet music ranging from 1860 to 1921 was disseminated to each of the artists and bands, and as each project began, no one was certain if it was going to work out or not. Yet, each time it did. And with each new recording, they discovered with great curiosity and surprise, the true embodiment of a phenomenon called Transference.”

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