Racquet Club Release Self-Titled Debut

Racquet Club

Racquet Club, a new group featuring members of Knapsack, The Jealous Sound, and Samiam, released their self-titled debut album on September 29.

Alex Newport (Bloc Party, Frank Turner) produces the album.  Therefore, it is an impressive production. Hard-driving rockers like the opening track “Caldwell Park” to the heart-wrenching ballad “Let Beauty Find You,” cover the spectrum.

“I’m focusing on the small victories.”

Guitarist/vocalist Blair Shehan states, “The records that I’ve done in the past have really been reactions to chaos in my life and the guilt or hurt that came along with that.”  As a result, this record is a turn to a more optimistic approach.  “I’m still dealing with those tendencies but now rather than focusing on the chaos I’m focusing on solutions and those small victories,” says Shehan.

Simply overcoming the self can be a victory for a musician. Guitarist Sergie Loobkoff states,”Making this record together was a struggle at times and there was a lot of self-doubt on Blair’s part but we pulled it off.”

Video for “Head Full Of Bees”

Steve Hanft directs Racquet Club’s “Head Full Of Bees” video.  Hanft directed Beck’s video for “Where It’s At.”  Much as in each video, there is a balance of live shots along and concepts portraying the song’s message is most noteworthy.  Hence there is a strong conceptual vision into Shehan’s “head full of bees” with live visuals of performance.  The video can be seen here.

A musician can wonder at times what the point of all the work is.  The struggle of making a record can seem feeble.  While this can be discouraging, it can result in some of the most fruitful work an artist can produce.  As a result, “Racquet Club” is a strong tale of

perseverance and hope.

“Racquet Club” is currently on a tour of North America.  The self-titled album can be streamed or downloaded via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and MerchNow here.

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