Pistoleros Announce 25th Anniversary Album “Silver”

“Silver” via Fevor Records

Pistoleros Announce 25th Anniversary Album “Silver”

Calling all Pistoleros fans, the rumors are true! Tempe, Arizona’s rock group is set to release an anniversary album on November 3rd of this year. The anniversary album will be called “Silver,” to commemorate the 25 years since the band formed.

While the band has gone through many member swaps and label changes, the album is set to be a reunion. The Zubia brothers, Mark and Lawrence, are back with original Pistoleros drummer Mark Riggs.

A Brief History

Originally in 1992, the band was called Chimeras and immediately hit the ground running. When they signed with Hollywood Records, they were forced to change their name due to copyright of an Irish band. Thus, the Pistoleros were truly formed. In 1997 their first album “Hang on to Nothing” was released.

The band went through many different band members throughout their years and were forced to drop their label. Despite this, their popularity never wavered. In 2001 a self-titled album was released and Pistoleros constantly sold out their shows. But the ride didn’t end there.

A hiatus was taken in 2004 when members of the band started their own solo side projects. But in 2015, the Zubia brothers were back and ready to work on a new project content for the old band. They went to Arizona based Fevor Records with the idea, signed on the spot, and soon released the album “Shine.”

And now, they’re back again! The Pistoleros have released a teaser single from the album called, “Did You Wake Up All Alone?” The single showcases the band’s ability to traverse roadblocks and come together to make great music once again.

Keep an eye out for “Silver,” set to release November 3, 2017. In the meantime, pump yourself up with their latest single!

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