Marmoset Brings Old Back With New Compilation Album, Transference

Transference by Marmoset

Marmoset Brings Old Back With New Compilation Album, Transference

We all love a good reimagining! Marmoset, Portland, Oregon’s boutique music label, has brought together a diverse group of musicians for that very purpose. Their newest compilation album, Transference, takes oldies but goodies and gives them a modern twist. The album is set to come out December 1st.

Marmoset producers went through hundreds of timeless classics and presented their idea to a plethora of bands. The result was 10 reimagined and reinvigorated tracks. The intent to shake things up by taking these oldies down from the attic is showcased in the single “Out Among the Sheltering Pines.”

The Helio Sequence, an Oregon native indie rock duo, takes the 20th century classic “Down Among the Sheltering Palms” and leaves their very own mark. Originally written in 1914, the song was meant to portray a paradise getaway and The Helio Sequence knew they had to give the song a new vibe. “Rather than a laid back palm tree feel, the forest appeals to my sense of mysticism,” said lead singer Brandon Summers. In other words, the indie duo used their own acoustic rhythms to relate to Oregon’s foresty and folky feel.

The Helio Sequence by Noisy Ghost PR

The music label set to “transfer” each song into a new, but still timeless, place. The Helio Sequence’s cover only gives an idea of what’s to be expected.

Transference features songs by other notable groups like Dear Nora, Shaky Faces, Bouquet, and Hot Bloods. The variety of bands gives each oldie a chance to be respectfully recreated into genres from electro-pop to funk and folk. Each song was reimagined with their history in mind. The album provides new and original sounds while still containing the original meat and potatoes of each song.

Listen to The Helio Sequence’s “Out Among The Sheltering Pines” and pre-order the album today!

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