Demure for Sure Let’s Loose A Trippy New Video For “French Kiss”

“Tie-Dye Shadows” by Demure for Sure

Demure for Sure Let’s Loose A Trippy New Video For “French Kiss”

Who doesn’t love a good music video? Demure for Sure just released a visual representation of his song “French Kiss.” It definitely does not disappoint! The music video was unveiled exclusively via just last month.

Demure for Sure is the alias and moniker of New York City native Zach de Sorbo. De Sorbo started Demure for Sure as a way to let out his dark, dreamy vision of a “bedroom project” through sound.

His debut album “Tie-Dye Shadows” was released in late July of this year in addition to the “Party Hardy” video. The album is jam-packed with 9 other energetic and noisy tracks in addition to “French Kiss.” Demure for Sure’s psychedelic rock vibe is perfectly summed up in this new video.

The song is meant to be the sequel that follows up the album’s single, “Party Hardy.” Lyrics are being shouted at the listener in addition to the guitar riffs drowning out their ears. The video features Zach de Sorbo in mesmerizing flashes of the colors red and purple. Blacked out eyes are also used to express the twisted creativity de Sorbo was trying to convey.

Summed up by Zach de Sorbo, “Witness the magic of this landmark perverted fantasy over and over again. ‘French Kiss’ is sheer enchantment.” The music video is surreal and controlled chaos. It’s entirely unpredictable but not at all unwelcomed.

Here’s the tripped out video for “French Kiss.” Make sure to check out the rest of “Tie-Dye Shadows” for more Demure for Sure sound!

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