Abandoned By Bears Drops Jackson 5’s Cover

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Punk Goes Jackson 5’s

Swedish punk band, Abandoned By Bears, released a brand new punk-goes-classic cover of the Jackson 5’s, I Want You Back. The five-piece easycore band kept certain light-hearted elements of the 1969 R&B single. The music video behind the cover features a vibrant, brightly colored background. The new version of the song gives fans everything they would want in a pop-punk cover. Between the heavy guitar riffs and ideal amount of screaming, this fresh adaptation certainly gets you moshing to the rhythm. The smooth vocals throughout this cover also give it that touch of modern sound that differs from the original timeless classic. The band calls this cover a tribute to the King of Pop himself. The band pays tribute to Michael Jackson for the inspiration he gave them in their youth.

“It would be a complete lie if we told you that Michael Jackson didn’t inspire us in our songwriting. The way he grew up as a child star to become the undisputed King of Pop, his legacy has touched artists of all kinds – musicians, actors, poets, and the general world of pop culture. It’s nearly impossible to name a bigger star from his era. This is our way of thanking and honoring him,” conveys drummer, Max Fahlman.

The Bear Necessities

Among their animated cover, Abandoned By Bears recently finished their inaugural United Kingdom tour. They performed in places such as Manchester, Birmingham, and Bridgwater. Special guest artists included Better Days and Nineteen Fifty Eight. Abandoned By Bears released their last full album in 2016 entitled, The Years Ahead under Victory Records. The album gained the artists widespread recognition with killer singles such as Good Terms and For the Sake of Nothing. The heavy breakdowns and polished vocals are reminiscent of pop-punk icons such as A Day to Remember and All Time Low. The Jackson 5’s cover is the perfect upbeat single to welcome Abandoned By Bears into 2017. Watch and listen to the newly released album below and tune into the full album, The Years Ahead, available on Spotify and Pandora. For more Bear fun, check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!

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