Nicholas Rowe’s Journey From Rock To Folk

Nicholas Rowe

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Nicholas Rowe recently released his new EP, Everything Has Beauty, on Feb. 24, 2017. If you haven’t heard it yet, be sure to go check it out. We know you’ll love it!

Nicholas answered a few questions that we had for him regarding his music.

Nicholas told us that “there are no official members [in his band], but [he’s] had lots of help.” He said, “The newest EP, Everything Has Beauty, has several musicians besides myself; the talented Bethany Holt on violin, my friend Ben Stepp on banjo, my wife Gena sings and Jonathan Hape plays the drums. Jonathan also helped with production, mixing, and art design.” Jonathan has been very helpful to Nicholas during this project and Nicholas said that he is “really thankful for all that he’s done.”

Jonathan and Nicholas have known each other the longest compared to the others mentioned above. They actually “own a recording studio together.” Nicholas said that he knows Bethany because she has been to his recording studio before with a different group. As for how he met his wife, that’s a whole different story. Nicholas said, “I met my wife at a party, almost… I was actually too shy to talk to her that night so I asked her friend to bring her to my bands show the next night. That was when we officially met.”

Nicholas has been into music since the age of 16. He told us that this is when he “decided to learn to play guitar.” He said, “I practiced that summer until my fingers bled. It was all I cared about. I got myself into a few bands and was playing a lot within a couple years but in the beginning it was all about guitar.” Strangely enough, Nicholas “never really saw [himself] as a singer.” One day that changed, and it was the day he got kicked out of college choir. He said, “The professor called me into her office and told me that in all her years of teaching I was the worst singer she’d ever had and…something just clicked.” Immediately, he started a rock band and put himself as the lead singer. He said, “I rocked it out kinda hard for a bit until somehow or another I discovered Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks.” That was where Nicholas Rowe found his folk style. He told us that he has “been trying to perfect that art ever since, and that kinda brings us up to date.”

As for bands that he looks up to, it’s no surprise that his biggest influence is Bob Dylan. He said, “I love his craft of songwriting. The way he can make a great story slowly unfold over the course of a song. The way he can be so personal but yet make you feel like the song is truly about you.” Other than the great Bob Dylan, Nicholas is inspired by anyone “who puts the craft of honest, vulnerable writing above all else.”

When it comes to songwriting, Nicholas said that his favorite part has to be “the way [he] process[es] things, it’s how [he] work[s] through sadness or questions.” He said, “It’s a necessity. I would do it even if no one ever bought a single copy of anything I put out.” He continued, “But then of course when you do put something like that out there, something honest and vulnerable, and people do like it and do appreciate it and… identify with it, there’s no greater feeling.” Nicholas said, “The fact that we can take our doubts and our insecurities and turn them into something that helps others, that helps someone else with what they are going through, that’s very special.” This raw, emotional need to help others shines through all of Nicholas’ music, and we believe this is what makes him such a great, authentic musician.

On the technical side of songwriting, Nicholas told us that over the years he has not had a consistent process, “but these days [he] usually start[s] with a vocal hook.” He said, “If verses or a chorus start flowing from it I just go with it and write as fast as I can. If not, I think about what I want to say and just get it all out.” He continued, “I don’t worry about rhymes or meter I just get it all on the paper then I comb through it all and take the fragments I really like and start piecing them together like a puzzle, and start filling in the black spaces.” He normally starts with lyrics and ends with instruments.

Other than music, Nicholas has identical twin daughters. He told us that they are three years old. We can only imagine that him and his wife probably have a pretty crazy life with them! He said, “When I’m not doing something music related I’m usually chasing them.”

To finish things off, Nicholas said, “I hope that in 5 years I’ll be more loving, more generous, less selfish with my time and resources. I hope that those changes will be reflected in my music in some way that has a positive impact on others.”

We loved getting to know all about Nicholas Rowe and his journey with music. Be sure to follow him on twitter @_NicholasRowe_  to stay up to date with his music career!

To listen to and buy his music, use the links below:

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Ashley lives and breaths music. When she’s not writing for The Corner Type, you can find her drinking a cup of tea, while snuggled up with her cat Izzy. She also loves to read, so if you ever see her, be sure to recommend a good piece of fiction!

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Ashley lives and breaths music. When she's not writing for The Corner Type, you can find her drinking a cup of tea, while snuggled up with her cat Izzy. She also loves to read, so if you ever see her, be sure to recommend a good piece of fiction!
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